You spend a lot of time writing brilliant material for your WordPress blog, and the undeniable realisation that you are not managing to earn money from your writing has probably turned out to be a bit of a surprise to you. But here is a fact which is far more shocking – your posts ARE generating a lot of cash. Whenever you create material, hordes of malicious copyright burglars come crawling across the web focused on only one thing – stealing your content! These inhuman content-stealing lowlifes come in a great many shapes and sizes, and range all the way from the amateur ‘cut-and-paste ‘ operators to complicated web-based article scraping operations. The only thing which they have in common is they wish to nab YOUR content! . For what possible reason do folk steal your articles? Because it’s easier than creating their own content! They republish your articles without your permission, and stuff their pages with spammy offers, or bad affiliate offers. The search engines are absolutely incapable of deciding who essentially created most posts, and the truly annoying thing is that if you search for your content, often you will find one of those content infringers ranking ABOVE you for your own content! . And there’s your complication – by being ranked up above you using your own post, these content infringers also happen to be pinching your visitors, and using it to make money at your expense. How can you stop them? Till just recently, you couldn’t. BlogAvenger prevents text selection, so informal cut-n-paste infringers usually go someplace else. The good news these days, is that now it’s a simple course of action to punt these despicable thieving scumbags into touch once and for all – simply install BlogAvenger and see the thiefs run screaming for cover! This amazing new system won’t just stop the content infringers dead in the water, it’ll cause them to literally provide you with free promotional articles on their blogs instead! Turn it round and watch your revenues rise! Learn how to copyright your blog using BlogAvenger! . BlogAvenger automatically watermarks every one of blog photographs, so regardless of whether a scraper does purloin them, they act as powerful advertisements for YOUR WordPress blog! BlogAvenger unearths infringing sites wherever they happen to be online, and immediately creates an official DMCA takedown notice for you. With merely a single click, you now have the ability to serve that DMCA notice on a thief and her web host. BlogAvenger can ban known scraper sites, supplying them with advertisements for your blog, rather than allowing them to scrape your precious posts. Unlike everything else out there, BlogAvenger does not require any reoccurring subscriptions, or fees per usage. For just one small charge your website is safe permanently against all of the copyright scrapers who are at present making money from your attempts! No longer will you have to ceaselessly pay Copyscape fees, or waste numerous days of your irreplaceable time tracking down infringers and working out how to DMCA infringers – the plugin does it all for you at a stupendously low cost.


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