Whip the stockmarket

Do you want to see exactly what the market is going to do – BEFORE the session begins ?! Well done! You have just discovered the 1 indispensable tool you need to have for daytrading! The Cartel Levels provided by Traderunner.com are indisputably the finest support and resistance levels you will find anywhere, either offline or web-based. daytraders the world over have a tendency to realise quite quickly that ALL profitable day trading boils down to 1 basic principle – you have to know where the stockmarket’s SR levels lie. There are many common tools used by daytraders to try and detect SR:- Floor trader’s Pivots, Fibonnaci levels, Gann angles, and such like. That is the reason why they are free of charge, and can be found all over the net. These generally known ( and widely used ) levels are fine as far as they go, but day-traders who employ them sometimes end up losing their money, because they do not precisely portray the true SR levels in the stockmarket. By contrast, our ‘Cartel ‘ levels are only available at traderunner, and give you upfront notice of where the stock market’s ACTUAL SR will be tomorrow. With Traderunner’s Cartel Levels, you can be part of the winning squad, the day-traders who make cash day in, day out, at the expense of everybody else. Imagine having a day’s advance notice of where the stock market will slow down, or turn back. How does it work? Easy. If you needed to sell something, what would you do first? That is correct – you’d bid up the price so you get the maximum money possible for it. Think about this. It’s just human instinct. You now have the ability to be on the same side as the big market players. All you have got to do is trade with the real support and resistance, as shown exactly by the Cartel Levels. Cartel Levels are the only support and resistance levels that really mirror what the stockmarket is intending to do. Unlike all other trading systems, which often stop working when they become common knowledge, Cartel Levels are certain to work for evermore, because it is impossible for the stock market players to gloss over what they actually did yesterday. He’s made it really simple to utilise – all you need to do is type the prior session’s high, low and close ( and optionally the open, if you have it ), and the online calculator will produce a collection of levels for you, with clear strength indications. Don’t take our word for it – check out these graphs of the Standard And Poors 500. As the enormous banks can’t disguise yesterday’s action, they basically foreshadow today’s session, and this is precisely what supplies the roadmap for your Cartel Levels. For a bit less than 5 bucks a day, you can be part of the winning side, and start to take cash off folks who believe in Gann, Fibbos, Nija Urtles, Elliot waves, MACDs, squares of Nineteen, trendlines and news reports! Don’t wait, join up now – membership is restricted! . The SR levels marked on the graphs were created with nothing more than the OHLC of the session before the chart – imagine what YOUR daytrading would be like if you had access to this type of info, Before the market opens! .

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